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Evening of the Arts

Arts Academy in the Woods is hosting its third annual "An Evening of the Arts" event April 17th at 7:00 at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts. 

Experience the outstanding creative talents of AAW students. The evening will feature performances by the dance, instrumental music and vocal departments. In addition, the visual and multimedia departments will have exhibitions on display.


An Evening of the Arts" is made possible in part through a generous grant the school received from the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs and administered through the Anton Art Center. Our grant award includes federal support through the National Endowment for the Arts.

Tickets can be purchased through the Macomb Center box office at macombcenter.com or by calling  586.286.2222.

AAW April Lunch Menu

The deadline to order lunch for April has officially passed. If you still need to place an order stop by the office and see Ms. Becky or Mr. Mitchell.

Yearbook Updates

Ordering: Yearbooks are ready to order for the 2013-2014 school year. Books cost $29.94 and include a two page custom spread that you can design, that prints only in your copy of the yearbook. Custom pages typically include photos of your student, their friends, or their artwork or performances. Additional pages can be added at an additional charge.

Orders are done online; AAW does not collect money for the books. To sign into the yearbook site, go to:  http://treering.com/validate

You will be prompted for a passcode, which is: 1012968413213099
Click confirm.
Create your account.

There are more complete directions for ordering and creating a two page spread here: http://print.treering.com/128336/flyer/128336-2-227c961cca6c718e395b11cbbe8cf4c6_5.pdf

Students who need assistance uploading photos or rearranging a page can stop in the graphics lab in room 111 during lunch for help, or make arrangements for help after school. If you want to order a yearbook but do not want to create a custom two page layout, that's fine. There will be a default set of pages that print if no custom pages are created.

Letter from the Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

After being a part of the Arts Academy community for eight years, I am very excited to begin a new chapter as the Interim Principal of the Academy during the 2013 – 2014 school year.  Many of you already know me, either as a teacher or as an administrator. I look forward to working with you to ensure the success of every member of our community. I would like to extend an invitation to each member of our community to stop by my office so we can formally introduce ourselves.

Although this summer has been enjoyable, August has arrived and its time to start thinking about the beginning of the school year in September. The Academy’s staff will focus on several initiatives to improve the experience for our students. As a community, our plan for School Improvement includes investigation of several innovative educational methods.

  • First, we will find more and improved ways to integrate art into all areas of the curriculum so that students can become better artists and learners.
  • Several members of our staff will continue to investigate and pilot standards-based grading in order to raise student achievement by clearly communicating students' progress toward learning targets.
  • Finally, several other members of our staff will continue to investigate a model of instruction known as ‘flipped’ instruction which is a collaborative and cooperative style of teaching which allows educators to better detect and correct student misconceptions.

This year the Academy is expecting an increase in enrollment and some changes that go along with this increase. Ms. Hopkins and Mrs. Szopjak will be assisting me in the office as Co-Directors of Student Support Services and RTI. The focus of the Director position will be in three main areas:

  • investigate and provide resources to improve our teachers’ ability to provide additional differentiated instruction,
  • to coordinate the school based resources available for our students,
  • and to coordinate increased opportunities for parental involvement in the educational process.

Although they will be in the office for part of the day, I expect both of them to continue as classroom teachers for part of the day as well. Also, Mrs. Wrobel has returned to the Academy as a Data Paraprofessional. She will be helping the Academy continue to improve our record keeping.

The staff and I have also already interviewed several candidates for the jobs posted on the school’s website. We have been very pleased with the quality of people who are drawn to the Academy and we expect to finalize our new hires well before the start of school.  Many of these new positions were expected with the increased enrollment, but a few were not anticipated. Unfortunately for our community, Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Zigdon have decided to accept positions closer to their homes.

As always, we have a lot of information to pass on in preparation for the first day of school.  In this mailing (note: these mailings were sent out in August) you will find:

  • Internet/Email Policy
  • Emergency Card
  • Free Milk Application
  • School Year Calendar
  • Bell Schedule
  • Fee Statement, if applicable
  • Immunization Exclusion Letter, if applicable
  • New Student Orientation Information

Please read the enclosed documentation closely.

Also, please complete the following included forms that need to be returned to the office by Friday, September 10.

  • Emergency Card
  • Free Milk Application
    • Families that complete and return the Free Milk Application will receive a $10 reduction in the Academy’s book deposit. Those families that qualify for free milk also qualify for an additional $15 reduction in the deposit.
  • Internet/Email Policy

Remember that all new students are required to attend New Student Orientation on August 28 and 29, and the first day of school for all students is Tuesday, September 3.

Finally, remember to stay connected to us at www.artsacad.net, through Powerschool at https://ps.aaw.misd.net, and through www.facebook.com/artsacad.  

Enjoy the remainder of your summer, and I look forward to seeing you in September.


Michael A. Mitchell
Interim Principal
Arts Academy in the Woods

Interested in Attending AAW?

If you’re browsing our site because you’ve seen our ads or heard about us, thank you for visiting! AAW is the highest ranked Macomb County High School in the recently released top-to-bottom rankings of Michigan Public Schools.

  1. To get a quick idea of what AAW is like:

  2. To get in touch with us to ask questions, or get more information:

Teacher Wish List

Please help our teachers through this wish list!

Alumni Newsletter

This is a website that will help viewers receive important updates in the form of bi-weekly Alumni Newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter.

AAW Carpools

AAW families,

Lots of AAW families struggle with transporting their students to and from the school.  Gas prices are rough, our work schedules change, and the local school just seems SO CONVENIENT.  AAW is aware of this situation, and we are piloting a new program to help families find rides to and from school for their students.

Please consider helping us with this pilot program.  We need many families involved in the program to make it most effective.  Directions for signing up are below; thank you for your help.

1)    Register at www.PickupPal.com by clicking the blue Sign Up Now button.  Check your email for a link to click to activate your account. 

2)    Once you pick a password, you'll be directed to a screen to set your personal details. On that screen, check the box that says: “By default, only match me with other members of my PickupPal Groups.”

3)    To join our group, click the Groups link at the top of the page. Search on Arts Academy in the Woods, then click Join This Group. You will be prompted for a passcode. Please contact Ms. Mantey or the front office for the passcode.  This passcode is not public; please do not share it outside of the AAW community.

4)    Return to the home page to add a trip, and enter your major street (or intersection). Enter your trip twice!  Enter your trip once with yourself as the driver, and enter it again as a passenger.  This way you get matched with both other AAW drivers and passengers in your area.

If you have questions or need assistance with registering, contact Audrey Mantey at manteyr@yahoo.com.

To use this service, you must be eligible to be a member of www.PickupPal.com, which means you must be 18 years old, never been convicted of an indictable criminal offence, and not registered as a sex offender with any government body.  The safety of AAW students is our number 1 priority.  If you register with our www.PickupPal.com group and are not eligible to join, AAW will refer you to the Fraser Department of Public Safety immediately.

Thank you again for helping us test this pilot program.  We hope this new service will be another way AAW supports our community.

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